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Privacy Policy Umbria con me is especially sensitive to issues regarding the privacy of users and using this page will describe how they manage their website with regard to the processing of personal data of users that access it. This is a general statement made in the D. No bye-law of June 30, 2003 196 […]


Italy’s Ultimate Chocolate-Friendly Wine


Rough and tumble Sagrantino di Montefalco takes on a different role when made in the passito style. BY MIKE MADAIO Most of the Sagrantino di Montefalco wines we enjoy today, known for their massive tannins, imposing structures and near necessity to be paired with red meat, are vastly different from their predecessors. Until modern techniques […]


Sagrantino: Aggressively tannic Umbrian grape offers up rebellion in a glass


If they had regional slogans for Italian licence plates, the obvious choice for Umbria would be: “Poor Man’s Tuscany.” Or, perhaps more helpfully: “Next Door to Tuscany!” Or, to quote a popular tourism pitch of the past 20 years: “The New Tuscany.” The landlocked region smack in Italy’s centre may not have Michelangelo’s David, the […]


Perugia Eurochocolate 2015


Set in the beautiful town of Perugia, Eurochocolate is an international chocolate exhibition. Held since 1993, it now attracts nearly one million visitors every year. Lasting usually 10 days, the festival is set throughout the town centre and it offers a variety of free activities, such as art displays, experimental chocolate tasting, street performances and chocolate sculpting. […]


Norcia: grace and flavours in another Italy


Built on a fault line and encircled by mountains, Norcia is an ornate, low-rise retreat in a wild Umbrian valley. The Forca di Cerro road tunnel, just north of the Umbrian town of Spoleto, separates two different worlds. To the west is the wide sweep of the Valle Umbra, one of central Italy’s most classic […]


Top ecotourism destinations: Umbria, Italy


The historic Italian region offers a range of eco-retreats and activities to responsible travellers, who can enjoy its picturesque rural landscape and artistic heritage. Perhaps not the most famous touristic destination and sometimes forgotten because of the proximity of the more popular Rome and Florence, Umbria is a small jewel in the centre of Italy. […]