Visit Umbria in 3 days. What to see and where to go

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Visit Umbria in 3 days. What to see and where to go

Are you thinking of taking a short vacation in Umbria and you don’t know where to start to organize your trip?
Visiting Umbria in 3 days is not easy, because the region is very rich of history and cultural sites and it’s rich of nature! It is in fact known as the green heart of Italy.

The first thing to choose is certainly what kind of holiday you want to do. We try to give you some suggestions based on the choice of your stay so that you can get to know the main things of our region.

Cultural visit

If you like visiting cities, therefore a holiday that is above all artistic and cultural, then the main cities of Umbria cannot be missed. A must visit is certainly Assisi, Perugia and Orvieto, the three most visited cities in Umbria. In three days, however, you will also have time to visit other places, so we suggest the city of Spoleto, beautiful with the Duomo and home to the famous Festival dei Due Mondi. Gubbio and Spello, a small village adorned with flowers that adorn the alleys of the town, are also worth a visit if the time available allows it.
A blast from the past, with the village perhaps among the best preserved, you can do with a stop in Bevagna, famous together with Montefalco for being in the Sagrantino area, the most famous wine of Umbria.

Food and wine

If, on the other hand, your interest is more food and wine, to visit Umbria in 3 days, we can start right from the Sagrantino area. A visit to one or more wineries in the area for a tasting of wine and some typical Umbrian products. A must is also a visit to an oil mill, where you can taste the very famous green gold of Umbria, extra virgin olive oil. There are numerous oil mills in our region and in each one you can find different characteristics.
In your food and wine itinerary, we also recommend a visit to Perugina to learn about the history of this magnificent factory and for a chocolate tasting.
The holiday cannot fail to end with a dinner in a farmhouse, a characteristic place where you can taste our delicious food and wine products.

Adventure and sport

Do you want to add a pinch of adventure or sport to your vacation? In different areas of the region it will be possible to organize trekking among the green hills, bicycle tours with tasting stops and much more. If, on the other hand, it is the adventure you are looking for, you cannot miss a balloon ride that will give you an unusual point of view on the territory of the region. Many other activities can give you a bit of movement, from canoeing to sport climbing, rafting, horseback riding, carriage rides.

What we can advise you is to rely on experts and professional operators to have the guarantee of an efficient and safe service.